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Railway sleepers

Our company produces sleepers from different species of wood, sleepers that have a wide range of use such as:

  • Wooden sleepers for RAILWAYS (subways, trams, bridge cranes, industrial railways)
  • Wooden sleepers for access ways (alleys, steps, stairs etc.)
  • Wooden sleepers for terraces, green areas.
Railway sleepers
Railway sleepers
Railway sleepers

All these types of wooden sleepers are made from oak log, cerris log or beech log, depending on the requirement.

From the points of view of quality, cutting size and resistance, the wooden sleepers for railways are produced according to the international standard EN 13145.

The wooden sleepers used to set up access ways and those used for terracing and green areas are produced in a wide range of sizes, depending on the demand/order.

The impregnation of wooden sleepers for railways is done using special impregnation creosote oil that meets the requirements of the international standards EN 13991, EN 1014, EN ISO 2719, EN 252.

The wooden sleepers impregnated for railways are made, impregnated, plated, palletized and stored according to the requirements of the international standard EN 13145.

The company Wegland Alpin SRL has the following: Railway Supplier Licence, Technical Agreement, Railway Technical Homologation Certificate, FSC Certification, and ISO 9001, ISO 41001, OH SAS 18001 certification.


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Railway sleepers
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